Possible fights for Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre is returning to the UFC octagon……

Fans are buzzing. Everyone is playing Sean Shelby (UFC fight-maker) and tossing out their dream match. I’ll join the crowd and toss out a few potential fights I think make sense.


GSP vs Anderson Silva

Spider and GSP have accomplished so much in their respective careers. There was a lot of hype throughout the years of a potential super fight. Unfortunately, those fights never materialized. Now, these guys are at a point that the title isn’t the biggest concern, money is. This is a fight that I wish happened 5 years ago, but I’d still gladly watch it today.


GSP vs Michael Bisping

I’m not as excited about this potential bout. I think this would be a fight that protects Bisping from getting his head knocked off by other middleweights. It would be a great fight to legitimize GSP again, but what would he do after? The current middleweights are much, much bigger than GSP. I think this shuts the door for a middleweight run. If the UFC books this fight, it all but confirms that GSP is back for money fights.



GSP vs McGregor

This is an interesting fight and a YUGE money fight! (please allow me to steal our President’s interpretation of the word HUGE) McGregor is obviously the biggest draw in the UFC. GSP was the biggest draw of his time. McGregor has fought at 170 and is currently looking for big money fights. I think this fight can offer McGregor a nice payday and get him away from the Mayweather talk.


GSP vs Winner of the Tyron Woodley/Stephen Thompson

Technically GSP never lost the 170lb strap. He retired after the Hendricks fight and forfeited the belt. Why not give him the chance to get back what’s rightfully his? GSP is 35 and hasn’t taken a lot of damage in his career. I’d personally like to see him go this route and become champion again.


GSP vs Paulie “Payday” Lipko aka Glass Joe

GSP could use a warm up fight to knock off the ring rust. It’s obvious by the nickname that Paul offers that “payday” GSP is looking for. I watched Paul do a little work with the heavy bag this weekend and he would have a puncher’s chance in this one. If I’m Sean Shelby, I’m booking it.


These are just a few fights that make some sense to me. Let me know your thoughts on my suggested fights and throw out some fights that you would like to see for GSP.