15 Basketball Sneakers from the ’90s you’ve probably forgotten about

Anyone who grew up during the 1990s playing intramural or school sports, particularly basketball, remembers the classic NBA star-sponsored sneakers: the Jordan’s, the Allen Iverson’s, and probably even Shaq Attaq’s. But what about Derrick Coleman, do you remember hooping with his sneaks? Any lefties out there remember sporting Nick Van Exel’s on the court?

Once Nike collaborated with Michael Jordan and burst onto the scene with the overly successful Air Jordan shoe line, other footwear companies immediately wanted in. More and more NBA players began getting shoe endorsements. Looking back, many of these players were not worthy of having their own sneaker, but in the ‘90s, it didn’t matter. Sports apparel companies like Reebok and Adidas were trying to compete with Nike and were willing to create and market a shoe for just about any athlete with a pulse.

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Here are 15 basketball sneakers from the ‘90s that you’ve probably forgotten about

And1 Marbury 1 – Stephon Marbury (1997)

Fila Grant Hill – Grant Hill (1995)

Nike Zoom Flight “The Glove” – Gary Payton (1998)


Reebok Kamikaze – Shawn Kemp (1994)

Nike Air Garnett – Kevin Garnett (1997)

Nike Air Max 2 CB – Charles Barkley (1994)


Nike Air Pippen – Scottie Pippen (1997)

Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt – Dennis Rodman (1996)

Converse Voltage – Latrell Sprewell (1995)

Nike Air Adjust Force – Rasheed Wallace (1996)

Spalding’s The Dream Hakeem Olajuwon’s – Hakeem Olajuwon (1995)

Reebok Blast – Nick Van Exel (1995)

Adidas Mutombo – Dikembe Mutombo (1992)

British Knights’ BK DymaCel – Derrick Coleman (1991)

Ewing Athletics 33 Hi – Patrick Ewing (1990)