The Point After Show is back. Kind of. Maybe.

“We’re” bringing the Point After Show back. That’s right. You’re welcome.

Where did we go? A lot has been going on in all of our lives over the past few years. I for one had a kid. Launched an a wild run as an emo night DJ. Dabbled in the world of Youtube. You know… normal people stuff.

Now, I don’t know at what scale you’ll receive content from the rest of the crew: Tom, Paul and Eddie… but, I’m back. I’m going to try to pump out a ton of daily content for you.

This is me lighting a fire under their asses.

This is also a call out to contributors. Want to be part of The Point After Show? Do you have something to say? Let’s do it. Hit me up.

The Point After Show started as a fantasy football podcast. We pivoted to an all-sports podcast. This time around, you’re going to get to hear about everything that I have to say, about everything that I feel like commenting on.

This pivot probably means more music, pop culture and even political takes from me. If you’re looking for the sports content, like I said… you’ll need to chirp those guys on Twitter. They all still have their log in information.

Coming soon: Lots of stories. A new podcast (or two). Videos. Lots of video content. New writers. Eventually… complete domination of the internet.

Let’s make Twitter relevant again. Go tweet at @Tlip_ThePAS, @TheFFAdvantage and @Eddie_ThePAS.

It feels good to be back. Like I said, a lot has changed. Here are a few videos to fill you in on what’s been going on since we last spoke…

We had a baby.

I threw some killer parties.

I became a Youtuber.

More content coming soon. Like really soon. I’ll see you then!