Update: Bash Bros Rob & Rex Ryan Nashville Weekend Gets Better

It appears that the Bash Brothers, Rob and Rex Ryan had an even better weekend than we originally expected! It’s been reported by busted coverage that they were mixing it up with a bachelorette party, full of girls that were young enough to be their daughters (or grand daughters). Gotta love it. Classic Bash Bros move. Shooters are going to shoot and Rob Ryan was certainly shooting. He identified the most attractive girl in the bunch and strategically placed his hand dangerous closer to her boob. What are the chances the he didn’t “accidentally” graze a breast? I’m putting those odds at a-million-to-one.

You can view that actual DMs at BustedCoverage, but here’s the transcript…

Girl: Rex even commented on my feet too, epic. I will laugh at this for days.
BC: Wait a minute, what did Rex say about your feet?
Girl: He told me I had nice feet lol. We had no idea who eh was at first. He waled over to me and started talking to me and my two friends and then we came back with the rest of the group and got that picture. When we were leaving he winked at me and said “You know what I like.”
BC: Are you the one far left that Rob has his hand on?
Girl: Yes, lol. When we saw this article, we thought the brothers were in a fight and everyone was like, “What did you do?”
BC: Did Rex Ryan slip his number, secret snap account, any form of communication?
Girl: He told us the picture we took was good and he wanted it, so we texted it to him. I think his brother Rob liked us, lol. Hints his hand in the picture.

NOTE: This is all hearsay, that was DMed to a writer on Busted Coverage. We’re just relaying the message.

Show me a better move to get a girls number than, “That’s a good picture. Text it to me.” These guys know what’s up.

Shout out to Joe Kinsey over at Busted Coverage for breaking this information!

Busted Coverage: “By now you’ve seen Rex & Rob Ryan fighting guys young enough to be their kids at Margaritaville Nashville on Sunday. But there’s more to what went down on Sunday and it includes Rex hitting on a bachelorette party participant named Jess, telling her she had “nice feet.” That’s right, Rex is reportedly still living that foot fetish life now that he’s property of ESPN.

That’s Jess with Rob Ryan’s hand riding a little high on her abdomen.

Jess slid into the BC IG DMs and gave me the play-by-play on what went down when her group ran into the Ryan Bros at Margaritaville.”

Quote of the century, after winking at a girl and looking at her toes:

Rex Ryan: “You Know What I like.”

Main photo courtesy of: BustedCoverage.com