Titans’ Corey Davis Already Causing Problems

Corey Davis Being Drafted Making Tajae Sharpe Uneasy

Stop me if you heard this one before. A player gets drafted, during this years NFL draft, and other players on the team are not handling it well.  No I’m not talking about Martavis Bryant. This time it’s Tennessee Titans wide receiver Tajae Sharpe making headlines.

According to The Tennessean  Tajae Sharpe allegedly became upset with an man for putting him on blast about Corey Davis being drafted to replace him. Tajae handled it the same way most 22 year old men would, when they get called out. He allegedly beat the wheels off the guy.

Dante R. Satterfield filed the lawsuit on Wednesday against wide receiver Tajae Sharpe and offensive lineman Sebastian Tretola.  Apparently while Tajae worked out his difference of opinion with Satterfield’s face, Tretola allegedly did his teammate duty and protected Tajae from being caught.

Of course Tajae’s agent denies any wrong doing. I guess if the glove doesn’t fit. Right OJ?

Congratulations Corey Davis, you have just been promoted to the starters without having to even step on the field. Probably was inevitable anyway. Hopefully no one calls out Rishard Matthews.

In all seriousness, hopefully this doesn’t impact a young players career. Again, how many of you reading this have never had your manhood called out and you didn’t react?  Let Tajae pay the guy some money, because that’s all the dude really wants anyway, and lets get back to work.

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