The Prodigal Son Georges St-Pierre Returns to the UFC

Finally, Georges St-Pierre has come back to the UFC. Did you just read that in the Rock’s voice? Yes you did, who you kidding, you’re a closet WWE fan. Anyways, back to my point, St-Pierre has come back home for the first time in 39 months. Why? Well I think it’s be Uncle Dana was in dire need of a marquee matchup for Michael Bisping. I would have much preferred Yoel Romero to get the title shot but Dana White felt the need to break open the checkbook and hand over a blank one to good old GSP. This Friday night in Las Vegas they will hold a special press conference to announce the date and place of this historical coming back out party for the former champ.

Georges St-Pierre is coming off a, extended vacation and is moving up in weight to fight the Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping at 185. “I think for me it’s the time to come back now. I just finished a training camp that I did to see if I could come back to the world class level. And I feel at the best shape of my life,” GSP recently told Hayabusa Combat. This one may break PPV records because Georges St-Pierre is probably one of if not the most popular mixed martial arts fighter of all time.

After his last fight, a five round split decision win, which many people thought he lost in convincing fashion to Johnny Hendricks, St-Pierre decided to hang up gloves and take a break. So now over 3 years later Georges is reinvigorated and looking to continue his 12 fight win streak. Now, of those 12 wins; eight of them were by Unanimous Decision, which begs the question, “will this be another snoozefest?”Many people always complained about that in regards to GSP fights. In my most humble opinion I say, “NO.” I don’t think the champ Michael Bisping will let it be. I see Bisping taking it right to GSP and stopping him by the 3rd Round. If I am wrong then I didn’t say it. If I am right then I told you so!

If you decide to purchase the pay-per-view make sure you invite a lot of friends over that night and collect a few dollars per head to pay for the event. Then order some pizza, wings, maybe some adult beverages if you are of legal age and enjoy the entire fight card because I promise you that this one will be stacked. How can I promise that, well who else is going to fill in the number of the blank check? YOU ARE!

This is just my opinion and remember if I want yours, I’ll give it to you!