Tony Romo should play for 1,000 more years

Can Romo still play at a high level? The better question is, “Should he?”

“He shouldn’t play football anymore.”- Joe Theismann

“Retire, that’s what you should do.”- Former GM, NFL Network face- Charlie Casserly

“Essentially said, too many injuries, football isn’t your life.”– Factor Back promoter- Merril Hoge

“I think Romo should retire.”- Damien Woody

I understand that these guys are paid to give their opinion. Quiet honestly, I wish I was getting paid to give my opinion. Sadly, that offer has not been thrown my way yet. I understand that that a few of them are looking out for what they believe is his best interest. They don’t want to see Romo get permanently injured to the point where it affects his long term life. I understand all that.

In my opinion, however, if Tony wants to play for another 1,000 years and someone is willing to put him on their roster and pay him, go right ahead and do it. Make them rip the jersey right off your back. I think that’s the only sensible way to look at it. All these ex-players talk about the good ole days and how they wish they were still out there playing the game they were playing since they were 5, that nothing was better than being around the guys and competing, getting that paycheck.

Romo Can Still Play

Well, Tony believes he can still go out there and rip it up with the boys and play the kid’s game and get that paycheck. He’s old, for football players, but it’s not like he’s 90 out there. I get that he’s had the injuries throughout his career. As a guy who’s never broken a bone thanks to my Wolverine like bone structure, I can’t imagine what it’s like to not just break a collarbone but to keep breaking it. Then you add a destroyed back to that and you have a body made up Operation game pieces. But if he still has the talent, the drive to put the work in and MOST importantly, a team looking to pay him, go out there and keep slinging it. And if he wants to hang em up, that’s cool to.
I hate when fanboys get all bent out of shape seeing their favorite players get up in years and start to have their skills diminish. They get all emotional and feel embarrassed for them. It’s such a weird move. Like when admitted cheater Jerry Rice was on nearly 46 practice squads to end his career, people were all upset that they didn’t want to see him go out like that. Shut up. If that nearly 40 year old guy still wants and could run the route tree, let him. If he can’t then the universe will tell him he’s done by not signing him. Warriors don’t have time for your delicate sensibilities.