Bill Walton Shows This Lady a Little Too Much

Bill Walton’s Bringing Sexy Back

Nothing like trying to watch a college basketball game where you believe rules apply and then out of absolute nowhere you have your entire world flipped upside down. That’s what happened to this lady who watched Hall of Famer, top 50 players of all time constantly high as a satellite broadcaster Bill Walton take his shirt off to put another shirt on that says Keep Austin Weird on. Everything she thought to be true, became false. Up was down and black was white. She’s probably sitting in a corner right now trying to figure out if she’s real or if she’s part of the Matrix.

Me on the other hand was able to watch Walton put on his going out outfit in real time as it happened and I didn’t bat an eye. To me it was just another college game with Bill Walton at the helm of the broadcast team. Par for the course kind of stuff. In fact, I’d be a bit concerned for the mental health of Walton if he didn’t take his shirt off. Especially at a game in front of thousands while he was working. I can’t imagine what house party Bill stumbled into after his last bong hit of the hour.  Since he was wearing a “Keep Austin Weird” shirt, he can basically walk into anyone’s house and call the shots. That’s just how the world works.

PS- Dave Pasch must hate his situation right now. He has to don a suit while his colleague can go out every night in a a tie-dyed shirt. Let alone,  strip down in front of everybody, and say anything he wants without any repercussion. He has to think about this all the time.