Confirmed. Jeremy Lin having a Jimmy Neutron haircut means Linsanity is a real thing

Far be it from me to be the guy who should tell others how to do their hair since I’m a man who is currently balding at a breakneck pace. But I’m pretty sure I have grounds to tell someone that is sculpting their hair to look like a Nickelodeon cartoon character that they have lost all sense of reality is well within my depth. I know people will tell me that I should let people do whatever they want and let them be who they are. I’m with that philosophy. I really am. I’m looking out for Jeremy here something his close friends are not doing.  Because there are a lot of people who don’t think like me who would love nothing more than to Chuck Norris roundhouse kick that hair right off his head and that’s something I don’t wish to happen.

Even though Lin is saying that the hair-do is for a “secret project”, which is probably something that has to do with something that would greatly offend your grandparents, the look on his face in the picture of him at the salon is deeply troubling. It’s the kind of face that knows exactly what they’re doing even though they know the atrocities they are going to commit will be everlasting. It seems that Lin is right on the edge of madness and madness as we all know is like gravity. All you need is a little push. Cut to Lin laughing uncontrollably in a salon chair

PS- Maybe Lin plans on taking the league by storm for 3 weeks this time instead of 2 like he did when he burst on the scene in 2012. Or maybe quite possibly other NBA players will also sport Nicktoon hairdos. It be nice to see Chandler Parsons wear a Chuckie Finster haircut or Dirk Nowitzki rock a wellgroomed Arnold cut. This would be good for everybody.