Serniak’s Smooth Truths

In case you you weren’t paying attention to the tremendous battle between the Rams and the Seahawks on Thursday night, which is an impossibility because it’s football on TV, then you saw that this was the first game the Rams played without beloved coach Jeff Fisher. It was an emotional game for the fans of Los Angeles and for whatever people in St. Louis get the NFL network. The same could be said for the Rams best player, punter Johnny Hekker whose heart was so heavy that he couldn’t complete the one pass that he was asked to throw, something he can do in his sleep because he played the position in high school, meaning that the Rams are 0-1 on special teams trick plays in the post Fisher era. They say the most important relationship a coach will have is the one between himself and their best player unless you’re Bobby Petrino or Urban Meyer. That being said, I hope Hekker can get his head on straight and go out there and lead the squad and win one for his former boss.

I call Ryan Fitzpatrick the twinkie because he can survive anything no matter what QB the Jets start ahead of him and because I’m sure he’s filled with so much white sugary guilt about not living up to the contract he was given this year. That’s how a Harvard man does it. If giving Fitzpatrick the 12 million dollar a year deal yielded this kind of year out of him then the other deal, which was for 18 million for the year, it must have been the choice that worked out. Or at least that’s how I think the multiverse works.

Something smells in the city of New Orleans and it’s not the crawfish this time because it’s always the crawfish. Nope, this time it smells like another scandal on par with bountygate is about to be hurled towards Sean Payton and he knows it. No other reason I can think of why he would take out Mark Ingram at the goal line when he was only one more TD away from getting a $100,000 bonus. Seems to me like Payton is thinking ahead and knows the Saints are going to need that money to pay off a new fine. Or, the Saints are just getting out of the business of having any type of incentives ever hit by players because of bountygate, which is what bountygate was if you think about it. You could say this is very progressive of Payton and the Saints. Or, you might say that Payton was teaching Ingram a lesson that everything doesn’t have to be about money. Either way, Ingram is still probably living comfortably off his first contract he had, with Alabama.

I’m really not that surprised that Tom Savage was able to be inserted into an against all odds circumstances, down a few scores to the mighty Jaguars, end up reaching down deep for the intestinal fortitude necessary and pull off an incredible win only to take the job of the 72 million dollar man, Brock Osweiler. I say I’m not surprised and I think you know where I’m going with this, but this has a lot of parallels to Wrestlemania 4 when a certain someone went through a tournament of world class superstars and in the final match for the World Title defeated the Million Dollar Man. This man was Randy Macho Man Savage.
Self Editor’s Note- I found information that said on Thursdays, NFL games are shown on NFL Network and CBS. Never knew that until today. Well, I believe in dying with your take, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.