Can’t Spell Goodell without Odell!

When will this guy learn? Tell me when will he wake up and realize that his actions can’t and will not be tolerated no matter how many rules his coach breaks? It was one thing when he was trying to start a not so impromptu UFC fight with Josh Norman last year and cost his team nearly 5,000 penalty yards. It was another thing earlier this year when he was having a few adolescent moments and let his emotions get the better of him to the point where the iron fist of the law, Eli Manning, had to step in and calm the young man down. This all pale ales in comparison to what this regular rule breaker did this past Sunday.

On Sunday, Odell wore cleats that honored the late great Craig Sager, who passed away last week after battling cancer. If you’ve never watched any other sport besides football, Sager did some of the greatest sideline interviews with the NBA for many years. Well, on Wednesday the judge, jury and executioner, which is the Roger Goodell, did the only appropriate thing and fined the Giants delinquent $18,000. It doesn’t matter that you were honoring a man who’s been labeled one of most important broadcasters that’s ever lived. It doesn’t matter that the reason you were wearing them was to raise awareness to a disease and to let people know who are fighting cancer to never give up. It doesn’t matter that another reason you were wearing them was to eventually auction those cleats off for charity. It doesn’t matter that that charity was for cancer research that Craig Sager was involved with. It doesn’t matter that that money can help someone who’s fighting a disease that claims 7.6 million lives a year. Odell doesn’t get that his actions could have some truly terrible consequences. Also, if he wanted to honor Sager, he should of done it a few weeks ago when the NFL had their My Cause My Cleats week where they let their employees wear whatever cleats with whatever causes they were supporting on them, for one week only. I hope by now everyone is catching my sarcasm.

Just when you think Beckham turned a corner and got on the right path, he goes and pulls a move like this. I say shame. Shame on you for taking it upon yourself and wearing those cleats in front of millions of people who might get the idea that honoring the fallen is the right thing to do. I wish you could’ve just been a normal person like your ex-teammate and beat up your girlfriend. Only then would you of had the NFL’s support.  

Vent over, drop the mic!