2017 NFL Draft: Team Needs

The 2017 NFL Draft is only a few months away, and Philadelphia fans are getting ready to host. The same fans that once pelted Santa Claus with snowballs, will get three days to make Roger Goodell feel more uncomfortable then Donald Trump looking for a limo in North Philly.

I’ve had a lot of fans asking me what they think their team needs or is going to do this year. I decided to put together a first round based on current picks, what each team needs and my thoughts. Feel free to comment below about your favorite team and let me know what you think.

  1. Cleveland Browns
    Team needs: QB, C/G, DB
  • Have to believe its impossible for the Browns to not target a QB in this draft. Some addition to their secondary is needed also.
  1. San Francisco 49ers
    Team needs: QB, OLB, RT
  • This team needs everything but specifically a QB. With the talent pool at QB being less than impressive, I expect them to go defense here. They could potentially grab an elite pass rusher.
  1. Chicago Bears
    Team needs: QB, DB, OL
  • I think they either go with an offensive linemen here or they finish off their defense with secondary help. 
  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
    Team needs: OL, DT, S
  • I have to believe they build up this offensive line with a guard or tackle. Lots of need on the defensive side of the ball too.
  1. Tennessee Titans(from Los Angeles Rams)
    Team needs: CB, WR, ILB
  • With so many wide receiver threats in the AFC South, they need to get secondary help. 
  1. New York Jets
    Team needs: QB, OLB, CB
  • Although their top priority should be getting the right QB in place, they may look for help on defense first.
  1. Los Angeles Chargers
    Team needs: OT, WR, QB
  • Protect Rivers with offensive tackle help. 
  1. Carolina Panthers
    Team needs: OT, DE, RB
  • Another team in desperate need of an offensive tackle.
  1. Cincinnati Bengals
    Team needs: C, LB, DT
  • The Bengals need more disruption from a linebacker with rush speed. 
  1. Buffalo Bills
    Team needs: OT, WR, DB
  •  Probably will be looking for an offensive line spot here. More than likely a right tackle.
  1. New Orleans Saints
    Team needs: CB, S, LB
  • The Saints have defensive problems and they need to address it. Secondary help should be first on their list.
  1. Cleveland Browns(from Philadelphia Eagles)
    Team needs: QB, G, DB
  • I think this pick is where the Dawg Pound adds some help in the secondary.
  1. Arizona Cardinals
    Team needs: ILB, QB, CB
  • I think that Arizona targets an inside linebacker with this pick.
  1. Indianapolis Colts
    Team needs: LB, OL, RB
  • Should go offensive linemen here to protect Luck, but they will probably go inside or outside linebacker.
  1. Philadelphia Eagles(from Minnesota Vikings)
    Team needs: CB, WR, RB
  • Although they have some offensive holes to fill specifically at wide receiver and running back at this spot they get secondary help.
  1. Baltimore Ravens
    Team needs: S, WR, OLB
  • I think the Ravens find the next great outside linebacker in this spot. 
  1. Washington Redskins
    Team needs: DL, S, ILB
  • If the Ravens decide to pick a safety with the 16th pick, look for Washington to go ILB. Otherwise they get defensive line help.
  1. Tennessee Titans
    Team needs: CB, WR, ILB
  • Would not be surprised if they went with a wide reciever in this spot but depending on what corners are left it could go that way.
  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Team needs: DL, S, WR
  • Tampa will try to beef up their defensive line.
  1. Denver Broncos
    Team needs: OT, G, TE
  • Either a tackle or guard will be selected in round 1 for Denver.
  1. Detroit Lions
    Team needs: DE, CB, LB
  •  Obviously the Lions next step is getting their defense better and it starts up front. Defensive tackle or end is necessary here. 
  1. Miami Dolphins
    Team needs: G, DE, LB
  • Depending on how the first 21 picks play out linebacker may be addressed here, but I see the Dolphins going with a defensive end.
  1. New York Giants
    Team needs: LB, RB, DT
  • Linebacker is a big need for them followed by defensive tackle. I think they solve the RB issue in free agency or a trade. AP?
  1. Oakland Raiders
    Team needs:MLB, DT, CB
  • Defensive tackle or secondary help seem logical. Their offense is poised to make a run. They need defensive help. 
  1. Houston Texans
    Team needs:QB, ILB, OL
  • Houston probably goes with an inside linebacker here. Although QB is their biggest concern, they may find that in a trade. Romo?
  1. Seattle Seahawks
    Team needs: OT, DT, CB
  • Whether it’s left or right, the tackle position is the hole to fill with this pick. Either way its a good choice.
  1. Kansas City Chiefs
    Team needs: ILB, DL, CB
  • The Chiefs need secondary and inside linebacker. One of these get addressed early.
  1. Dallas Cowboys
    Team needs: DE, CB, TE
  • Dallas needs to find a great pass rusher. Defensive ends are packed in this draft. They find one here.
  1. Green Bay Packers
    Team needs: CB, LB, DE
  • Desperate for cornerbacks, the Packers will try to fix that issue with this pick.
  1. Pittsburgh Steelers
    Team needs: LB, TE, RB
  • Two words. Outside Lineback!
  1. Atlanta Falcons
    Team needs: DT, CB, DE
  • Atlanta must continue to build this defense in order to help their outstanding offense. Starts with a pass rushing defensive end.
  1. New England Patriots
    Team needs: OT, LB, TE
  • Offensive tackle would make a lot of sense here, but it Belichick so I expect him to go linebacker. 

There are two teams without a first round pick this year. The LA Rams and the Minnesota Vikings. Both of these teams could really use a first round pick but have little to help them get one. Maybe the Giants make a play for Adrian Peterson, but not sure at his age they, or anyone would give up even a late first round pick for him.

Hope you enjoys this and we will see how it all plays out in April.