Fantasy Football Week 2: Trusts, Busts and Sleepers

Fantasy Football Week 2: Trusts, Busts and Sleepers

Week 2 is typically a week were the junk rises to the top and the waters become a little bit more clear. Here are fantasy players from every Week 2 game you can trust in your lineup. I also give you my picks for players who could bust in Week 2 along with some sleepers to keep an eye on.

Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals        

Trust: Lamar Miller

Bust: Tyler Eifert

Sleeper: Jaelen Strong

Lamar Miller looked awful last week right up until Deshaun Watson came into the game. With Watson playing I expect Miller to have a decent game.  Tyler Eifert will once again disappoint fantasy owners if you are forced to play him. Jaelen Strong is back from him 1 game suspension and could be the sneak #2 receiver for the Texans until Fuller comes back.

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens   

Trust: Jeremy Maclin

Bust: Isaiah Crowell

Sleeper: Breshad Perriman

Jeremy Maclin had a nice start last week and its clear Flacco and he are on the same page with minimal time together. This combo should get better each week. Isaiah Crowell was my bust last week. He didn’t disappoint to the tune of  1.9 yard per carry. So why not double down. This week may get worse for him against the Ravens defense. Look for Breshad Perriman to get worked into more of Flacco’s targets this week.

Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers          

Trust: Cameron Brate

Bust: Tarik Cohen

Sleeper: Josh Bellamy

People are overlooking Brate because of OJ Howard, but until I see otherwise I will go with the proven tight end in Tampa. Chicago got shredded last week by Austin Hooper. Tarik is the hottest waiver acquisition this week, but unless the game script is exactly what it was from last week I think he regresses this week. Look for Chicago’s Josh Bellamy to breakout if this game turns into the Bears playing from behind and having to throw down field. 

Minnesota Vikings @ Pittsburgh Steelers           

Trust: Sam Bradford

Bust: Antonio Brown

Sleeper: Jesse James

Sam Bradford looked like a man possessed in Week 1. Al though I am a Steelers fan I can admit our defense looked good last week only because the Browns are that bad on offense. Bradford is a much better QB than DeShone Kizer and Kizer still posted 20+ points against them. AB is probably the most bust proof player in fantasy football so I am making this pick with under 12 fantasy points being considered a bust for him. Jesse James is Ben’s new red zone toy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has another 2 TD day. 

New England Patriots @ New Orleans Saints            

Trust: Brandin Cooks

Bust: Coby Fleener

Sleeper: James White

Last week my trust and bust guys in this game were reversed. Cooks was my bust and if he didn’t hit the 1 big catch for 54 yards he would have finished as a bust. This week however is revenge for him and rebound for the Patriots. Coby Fleener was my must last week and he didn’t disappoint. This week he will though. James White is not much of a sleeper but I expect him to have the better game out of all the other backs in New England this week. 

Philadelphia Eagles @ Kansas City Chiefs   

Trust: Carson Wentz

Bust: Zach Ertz

Sleeper: Chris Conley

After what KC did to Tom Brady last week you would think Wentz would be a dead duck, or in this case eagle. Eric Berry is done for the season and that will throw the Chiefs secondary off for at least a week. Etrz unfortunately will be bottled up, much like Gronk was last week, by their really good linebackers. I called for Conley last week as a sleeper and I will do it again. 

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars              

Trust: Allen Hurns

Bust: Marcus Mariota

Sleeper: Keelan Cole

With the loss of Allen Robinson, Hurns should see a big bump in usage going into Week 2 against a vulnerable Titans secondary. Marcus Mariota may be running for his life this week. Don’t be surprised if Mariota doesn’t break 200 yards passing this week. Rookie, Keelan Cole could be a sneaky third receiver for the Jags.

Arizona Cardinals @ Indianapolis Colts   

Trust: Larry Fitzgerald

Bust: Frank Gore

Sleeper: Kerwynn Williams

Larry had 13 targets last week in a game the Cards were playing from behind. Although that will probably not be the case this week I think Fitzgerald is a safe bet to see the most targets on the team again. Gore unfortunately has seen the last of his sole ownership f the Colts backfield. Marlon Mack has staked his claim to a 50/50 timeshare. However is appears there will be no running the ball in Indy until Luck gets back. Running the ball a lot is what the Cards will probably do late in this game. Although I hate everything about the red birds backfield now that DJ is gone, Williams should see the bulk of the 1st and 2nd down carries. 

Buffalo Bills @ Carolina Panthers   

Trust: Jordan Matthews

Bust: Christian McCaffery

Sleeper: Russell Shepard

Last week Buffalo was able to remain a running team. This week I expect otherwise. Thus, Matthews will have to be targeted. McCaffery on the other hand has still not carved out a role for himself on this Panthers team. Jonathan Stewart is not ready to let go of the reigns and this is bad for C-Mac owners. If you have not heard of Russell Shepard go back to last weeks game and watch him. He is everything the Panthers thought they had in Funchess. He is currently the Panthers #3 WR but he may move past Funchess if he keeps playing the way he is. 

New York Jets @ Oakland Raiders               

Trust: Marshawn Lynch

Bust: Bilal Powell

Sleeper: Jermaine Kearse

Lynch looked very good last week although as an owner I would have liked to see him get a red zone carry. I expect that to change this week. Maybe he finds the end zone twice! Bilal Powell is the second receipant to find himself on the bust list for the second week in a row. Can’t trust this Jets offense and Powell is just in a bad situation. If you have to dig deep for a flyer though or looking for a flower in the desert Jermaine Kearse looked liked McCown’s clear #1 target last week. 

Miami Dolphins @ Los Angeles Chargers              

Trust: Philip Rivers

Bust: DeVante Parker

Sleeper: Tyrell Williams

Miami get to play their first game of the season across the country. They haven’t had the opportunity to knock the rust off yet and Rivers should exploit that. DeVante Parker is my bust this week for Miami becasue too many people are over hyping him. I expect Landry to still see most of the targets. Tyrell Williams is not much of a sleeper but this game didn’t really leave a lot of options. 

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks            

Trust: Doug Baldwin

Bust: Carlos Hyde

Sleeper: Chris Carson

Dougie Fresh may have disappointed his fantasy owners last week, but fear not, the 49ers are here to make everything all better. Hyde had a rather mundane Week 1. His biggest problem is lack of red zone opportunities to help his week to week stat line. Chris Carson is soon to be the feature back in Seattle. Lacy did everything he could last week to ensure that and this week Rawls will pass the torch.  

Washington Redskins @ Los Angeles Rams                    

Trust: Jordan Reed

Bust: Jamison Crowder

Sleeper: Jared Goff

Last week showed that Cousins is not yet on the same page as his wide receivers. Crowder’s stat line showed it the most. 7 targets and only 3 catches for 14 yards says enough. He will go back to his safety blanket and that is Jordan Reed this week. Jared Goff can play football everyone. Dude was the #1 overall pick last year and becasue he ended up on the Rams and not the Eagles everyone assumes he sucks. Nope! Jeff Fisher sucks. Sean McVay is helping Goff with easier play calls and letting him throw the ball. Helps he has much better receivers and a much improved offensive line.

Dallas Cowboys @ Denver Broncos         

Trust: Demaryius Thomas

Bust: Dez Bryant

Sleeper: Terrance Williams

I’m coming to the realization that Demaryius Thomas, although not bust proof, is really good. Even with mediocre QB play he always seems to put up decent games. Thomas was Siemien’s favorite target in Week 1, grabbing five of eight targets for 67 yards. Dez cannot beat good cornerbacks.  Aqib Talib is elite. Guess who won’t have a big game? Beasley will not have any better time in the slot this week, probably seeing Chris Harris. That leaves Terrance Williams to see the easier match ups again this week. 

Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons             

Trust: Ty Montgomery

Bust: Devante Adams

Sleeper: Mohamed Sanu

Ty Montgomery is clearly the lead back in GB seeing 74 of 82 snaps last week against Seattle. He gets a much better match up this week facing an inferior Atlanta run defense. He should have a much better stat line. Adams however is exactly who I said he would be. A touchdown dependent receiver that has questionable hands at times. I think Randall Cobb shows everyone he is the better receiver behind only Nelson on this team. Sanu is my sleeper because for whatever reason, owners are more inclined to take a backup running back in the Atlanta offense thant their #2 wide receiver. This offense loves to throw the ball. Sanu is good and his 9 targets last week shows Matt Ryan is willing to throw him the ball. 

Detroit Lions @ New York Giants             

Trust: Kenny Golladay

Bust: Eli Manning

Sleeper: Shane Vereen

In Week 1, Kenny Golladay made guys like myself, who made bold preseason predictions on him, look like geniuses. He has all the talent to be the best receiver on the Detroit Lions this year. That isn’t a bad thing for a team, which for 6 straight years, has thrown for over 4200 yards. Eli on the other hand is like Dirk Digler with no rubber. All the weapon, no protection. Unless the offensive line gets better for Eli and OBJ plays healthy, this could be a long day. Shane Vereen could end up being the only shiny thing in the Giants backfield this year. No time in the pocket, dump it to your back. Eli did just that in Week 1, to the tune of 9 catches for Vereen. 

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