Dez Bryant: Fantasy Beast Or Burden?

Why Dez Bryant?

That has been the question I have had for a few years not when it comes to drafting Dez in fantasy football. Should he really be considered as a player who can be an elite fantasy wide receiver? Why do people think he is an elite receiver outside of fantasy football? Well, that second question is easy. Because he can make catches like this.

No one can question the physical abilities of Dez Bryant. He is a freakish athlete. Maybe his character and behavior have come into question in the past, but that’s not what this article is about. This article is about Dez Bryant as an elite fantasy football receiver. Is he? According to his draft position year after year people seem to think so. Since 2013, he has never been drafted worse than the 6th receiver off the board. Assuming this year stays constant he is going as the number 9 wide receiver off the board. Is he really worth that?

A Total Dezappointment

Here are facts to support Dez Bryant may not be worthy of his fantasy elite reputation.


7 – Number of seasons he has played in the NFL

3 – Number of seasons he played all 16 games 

3 – Number of seasons Dez caught for over 1000+ yards (2012-2014)

0 – Number of season Dez has had 95 or more catches

57.2% – Career catch percentage 

97 – Total games played in the NFL

18 – Total number of games in his career he had 100+ receiving yards

11 – Total number of games in his career with 100+ yards and a TD


These are just some of the surprising numbers that make me very skeptic on making Dez Bryant my 2nd round pick in 2017. Just to put that last fact in perspective. Jordy Nelson had 5 games and TY Hilton had 4 games, last season alone, with 100+ yards and a TD. Dez has only done that a total of 11 times in his career.

Currently Dez is being drafted as the 9th wide receiver off the board with an ADP of 2.07 in PPR. In comparison, Demaryius Thomas is being drafted as the 15th wide receiver off the board with an ADP of 3.06 in PPR. You make the determination on fantasy value.

Career Fantasy Wide Receiver Finishes: Dez Bryant vs. Demaryius Thomas

Dez: Demaryius: 
2010 – 47th WR 2010 – 96th WR
2011 – 19th WR 2011 – 57th WR
2012 – 3rd WR 2012 – 5th WR
2013 – 6th WR 2013 – 2nd WR
2014 – 3rd WR 2014 – 4th WR
2015 – 78th WR 2015 – 13th WR
2016 – 24th WR 2016 – 18th WR

Final Thought

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Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images