Phil Mickelson Dumps Caddie

Phil Mickelson Dumps Caddie

Phil Mickelson dumps caddie and longtime friend Jim “Bones” Mackay. They announced that this is not a decision over a certain incident, but rather a mutual decision based on what’s best for the both of them going forward. I’m sure Phil gave Bones the “It’s not you it’s me” talk during the breakup. Fans already started that chatter that this is over the U.S. Open that Phil missed this past week to attend his daughter’s graduation. I’m personally wondering if this was something happening in the background for a while now. Remember earlier this year Bones supposedly fell ill and left during Phil’s round. Phil’s brother Tim would jump in and caddie the rest of the tournament for Phil


Their History Together

Bones was Mickelson’s only caddie up until this point in Phil’s career that spans over 25 years. He only missed two tournaments throughout all those years together. These two have won 45 tournaments and 5 majors together. Phil and Bones were together during the births of all Phil’s children. Bones was there for Phil and his family as Amy fought her battle with breast cancer. These two were there for each other during the best and worst times and it’s hard to see them breakup.

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Moving Forward

Neither of them are retiring or moving on to do other things. Bones said he still plans on caddying and I’m sure there are players on tour drooling from the mouth. Phil already came out and said that his brother Tim will finish out the season on the bag for Phil. Who know how this is going to play out. My dream scenario is that Phil and Tim work out for each other and Bones goes on to caddie for Tiger Woods whenever he returns. We can dream, right?

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