Game 3 of the NBA Finals

It’s Game 3 of the NBA Finals

It’s officially game 3 of the NBA Finals and the Cleveland Cavaliers find themselves down 2-0. Durant and the Warriors look so dominant that it’s hard to believe that the Cavs have a chance. I guess that when you have the best player in the world, LeBron James, anything is possible. With the game back in Cleveland can we expect a dose of the 1st two games or will Cleveland #DefendTheLand ?


Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland has been struggling so far during the NBA Finals. Going into the NBA Finals I thought that Cleveland would have to clamp down on the defensive end of the ball if they would have any chance. Anyone that thinks Cleveland could participate in a shootout with Golden State should pass me some of that good stuff. You can’t put any of this on LeBron’s back. The role players for Cleveland must have stayed home. I think Shumpert needs to start in place of a struggling JR Smith. I think this move would motivate Smith to play harder once he gets back into the game. Shumpert is known for his defense and can potentially slow down the Warriors. LeBron will do his thing, Love will put up his normal double-double, Kyrie needs to get his head out of his ass and Korver needs to do what they brought him there for.

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Golden State Warriors

Unfortunately, for Cleveland, the Golden State Warriors don’t have to change anything. They have been playing so well thus far that they have analysts asking if they are the best team ever. All of their superstars are performing up to their contracts and role players are coming in and providing solid minutes. This is a team that can clamp down on defense and make a big offensive run when needed. I said in my last article that I have Golden State winning the NBA Finals in 6, but I’m think they might finish this up in 5.

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What Can We Expect?

Take away home court and I don’t see much changing from the previous two games. I don’t see the Warriors blowing out the Cavs in game 3. LeBron won’t let that happen. He has too much pride to go down like that. I’m sure he will blame the front office and demand they stack the team for next season. I see a good back and forth for the first 3 quarters, but ultimately the Warriors get it done again. I’ll say the Warriors win this on 111-107.