Rompers and Athletes, Do They Mix?

Let the record show that my true feelings of professional athletes is not swayed by what they choose wear to and from work.  That being said, I hope that this article is considered a preemptive strike on a few athletes that I feel are most likely to be lured into the “Romper Movement.”

Admittedly, I have no sense of fashion, but I still believe it’s okay to wear my PAS hoodie to my kid’s graduation regardless of what my wife thinks. I have a hard time believing I’m the only guy that has gotten a laugh from the attire that some of the pros wear as they enter their “office.” They would probably get a good laugh if they saw me in my favorite cut off tee shirt hitting a basket of balls at the driving range, but I’m not sweating it. This article isn’t about being the best, or worst dressed, it’s about my concern of a potential threat that could affect the image of athletes. A threat, quite frankly, that they may not be able to be overcome. The Romper!

Von Miller

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Von Miller is a beast on the field and on the way to the field. He rocks sports jackets made from beasts. Who doesn’t love the outlandish jackets usually accompanied by his signature cowboy hat? I can appreciate his attempts of dressing like a cowboy. Maybe as a child he dreamed of being one someday. Based on his attempts of bringing his interpretation of modern, wild west fashion to us on Sundays, he is a prime candidate to be seen strolling into a local saloon rocking a romper. Under his 10 gallon hat of course!

Henrik Lundqvist

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From what I know about fashion, King Henry does it right! He has his own clothing line for God’s sake! If there is an athlete that I would consider taking fashion advice from, and there are plenty of advice articles on the net from him, Lundqvist would be my man. What scares me about him is not his fashion sense, it’s the business side of Henrik. That business sense may make him feel obligated to hop on this crazy wave of style. For this reason, I would not be shocked if we soon see Mr. Lundqvist on 5th Ave sporting a romper from his own line of clothing. What scares me the most, he may be able to pull it off!

Russell Westbrook

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What can I say about Russell? When it comes to style, he is in his own league. I really want to know how it goes down when he walks into his closet. I mean there has to be a process that takes place, right? But what is it? Maybe it’s best that we don’t know what is going through Russell’s mind when he is getting ready to hit the town. It would make for a great 30 in 30. Based on his track record alone, I would be shocked if we didn’t see him in a romper before the Warriors win this year’s title. Do you Russell!

This concludes my Rompers Public Service Announcement.