Myles Garrett Signs Rookie Contract with Browns

The number one pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, Myles Garrett, has signed a rookie contract with the Cleveland Browns. The four-year rookie deal (with a fifth year option) is the largest so far for ’17. Garrett’s contract is worth $30.4M guaranteed including a $20.25M signing bonus. Not too shabby for the 21 year-old Texas native.

The Browns announced the news on Friday but have yet to release many details on the terms of the contract. Garrett is now the 6th draft pick by the Browns this year to be locked in with a rookie deal.

Smart move on Cleveland’s end. By securing their No. 1 pick, the Browns, who ranked near the bottom of every defensive statistical category known to man in ’16, should now have a pivot to build up a strong defense for the coming years.

It would not shock me if Cleveland created some trouble for fellow AFC North division teams this season. They are young, but sometimes being a young go-hard can be an advantage to aging opposition. If there’s one sport where cockiness and naivety can be an asset, it’s football.

Michigan’s Jabrill Peppers, also drafted in the first round by Cleveland, has yet to be signed. However, it shouldn’t be long before Peppers gets his pay day as well. When the time does come, I wonder if he’ll jam out to “Kiss From a Rose” like Myles Garret did? Hmm…

Garrett’s Signing