Eddie Lacy Hits the Scale, Gets Paid!

Eddie Lacy Makes Weight, Gets Paid!

Eddie Lacy hit the scales today for one of his contractual obligations under his new deal with the Seahawks. That deal is one-year deal that guarantees Eddie Lacy $2.865 million dollars. Like most NFL contracts, his deal also includes some incentives that could push his contract upwards of $5.5 million if he meets all the criteria in his contract. What are those incentives you may ask? To step on the scales monthly and keep his weight on track.

Eddie Lacy had to step on the scales this morning and be below his allotted weight of 255lbs. Was he able to do it? You can bet your sweet ass he was. Well if your ass was worth $55k. That’s what Lacy earned by coming in at 253lbs today. Rumors have it that this wasn’t an easy task. Reports have Eddie Lacy showing up at meeting during free agency at 267lbs. FYI… He came out of Alabama in 2013 at 231lbs but weight has been an issue ever since. So what do the Seahawks think about it?

Coach Carroll

Pete Carroll was thrilled. “He looks awesome. He looks great,” Carroll said when asked about the weigh in. The Seahawks signed Lacy this offseason to play as a big back. Marshawn Lynch was a big dude and a downhill runner. I think that’s what the Seahawks were looking to get when they signed Eddie Lacy. So what other milestones does Eddie Lacy have built into his contract?


Lacy has seven potential weight bonuses built into his contract. Sources have it that his next weigh in will take place on June 12th and Eddie must be 250lbs or less┬áto collect his bonus. Lacy will be weighed once a month from September through December and must weigh 245lbs or less during those months to collect those bonuses. I personally wish him good luck. Eddie can be a premier back in the league when he stays in shape. I’m almost certain that @ProducerCavi will be drafting him early if Eddie Lacy can hit his mark on the scale.