Anger Management: Promoters…..What do they really do?

The Life Of A Promoter

There are all different types of promoters out there but what do they actually do?  I know what they are supposed to do but let’s be honest most of them zip their mouth shut when they should be running it like Roddy Piper leading up to WrestleMania.  In this day age everyone wants to be a promoter just for title alone but they actually don’t help the person and/or persons they are promoting.  With the resurgence of professional boxing and mixed martial arts you think the “promoter” would let the fighter do their job and prepare for the contest.  Nah, they just sit there in a nice suit and hope the fighters hype the match.  Have you seen Rocky 5?  Tommy Gunn didn’t have to say word; he let his promoter do all the talking for him.  Some may say if that happens then the fighter just becomes a robot.  Here’s a little insight into the fight game, they don’t get paid to talk just to fight! And paid handsomely I might add!

Whatever field you’re in and you want to promote something then I suggest you do your job! Don’t rely on the talent to promote it because they will most likely make a mistake along the way.  You signed on to speak and get their name and talents out in the world don’t become Charlie Chaplin.

I know promoters out there who will sign a fighter, maybe they pay for gym fees but then do nothing else.  When the fighter actually does get contracted to fight they show up, want to sit ringside and take their piece of the pie after it’s all over.  I also witnessed a certain promoter from the Midwest region jump up on the apron and curse his fighter out after he said he couldn’t see out of his one eye and wanted the fight to stop.  So, what exactly are you promoter again?  Your own ego?

The business of promotion is an ineffective job if all you care about is you and not your client.  Your main purpose is to promote what you are selling.  It’s not the talent’s responsibility to do your dirty work; they are there to entertain the masses.

This is my opinion and if I want yours, I’ll give it to you!