Saving Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall Signs Deal with the Giants

So, Brandon Marshall signed a contract with the other team that resides in the Big Apple. From and X’s and O’s standpoint, the Giants needed another receiver to compliment Odell Beckham. Sterling Shepard had a good rookie year, but some thought he was would have had a more immediate impact.

I expect Shepard to take his game to the next level.  Marshall will command the outside, opposite of Beckham. This should let Sterling to be the slot guy the Giants expected him to be. It’s also a good move because the Giants needed someone since Victor Cruz was released and let’s be honest Marshall is a major upgrade from the man with the best end zone celebration. Marshall may have statistically a bad year last year for his standards but I think you can put a lot of that on the revolving door, barnyard fire of a QB situation that was the Jets.

There’s not many better feelings in this world than leaving an awful situation and immediately clubbing up into a much better one. It’s like your 5 of a girlfriend walking out on you and then a week later you’re walking into The Darby with an 8. What’s great is that Marshall can go to his new teammates and let them know all the stupid things the Jets do and why they’re doomed all while he walks past them as they come into practice. Don’t rule out a situation where the Jets try and sneak Marshall into a game. Honestly, by week 9, I don’t think anyone will even remember that Brandon doesn’t play for them any more.