Athletes and Ink: Sports Stars and Their Bada** Tattoos

Athletes and Ink

For all you tattoo lovers out there like me, here is a special edition just for you. When you combine amazing athletes, like professional skateboarder Leticia Bufoni(above) and tattoos, you can’t help but look. Below you will find my top 10 tattooed athletes.

10. Christmas Abbott – CrossFit Games Competitor, Olympic Weightlifter, NASCAR Pit Crew

In addition to being as athletic as it gets, Christmas prides herself on being a branding adviser. She works with individuals and teams to craft their own unique brands. She is also a Head Trainer for Oxygen Magazine Trainer Challenge. Abbott also created the Badass Body Diet. It looks like it works.

9. Colin Kaepernick – NFL Player

Like him or not, Colin is an athlete and an advocate for health and wellness. His biggest contribution off the field is definitely the Colin Kaepernick Foundation. This foundation was designed to help fight oppression of all kinds globally, through education and social activism.

8. Gus Kenworthy – Olympic Skier

Gus is a British-born American freestyle skier from Colorado who competes in slope style and also the halfpipe. Not only is he passionate about skiing, but Kenworthy’s love of animals can be seen all over the internet. His story about a family of dogs he saved while competing in the 2014 Sochi Olympics made national news. Now, before all you ladies start falling in love, Gus is openly gay and extremely taken.

7. Katia Kubacki – UFC Ring Girl, Muay Thai Trainee

Most famously know as Tattooed Katia, Kubacki is far more than just beauty. In addition to being an Australian ink model and UFC Sydney ring girl, Katia is working to become a fighter. Training with the likes of Lincoln Hudson for boxing and Glen Purvis for Muay Thai, Katia may be kicking ass real soon.

6. Chris “Birdman” Andersen – NBA Player

Chris is not only the most charismatic, but definitely the most colorful athlete on my list. The “Birdman” is an NBA veteran of 14 years that is currently on the Charlotte Hornets roster. In addition to his physical play, Chris became a household name with his signature hair styles and amazing tattoos.

5. Megan Anderson – MMA Fighter

Megan Anderson is an Australian mixed martial artist who competes in the Featherweight division of Invicta. Arguably one of the baddest women on the planet, you can’t help but love her personality. Winning 8 of her last 9 fights she is a pretty face that has the ability to punch yours off. It’s only a matter of time for us to see her in the UFC.

4. Ben McLemore – NBA Player

McLemore plays guard for the Sacramento Kings and is becoming a true threat on the court. It is unclear what his future looks like with the Kings. As he continues to develop, the Kings will need to appreciate what he brings to the team or another team will  reap the benefits of this former Kansas Jayhawk.

3. Kaillie Humphries – Canadian Bobsledder

Kaillie is not just a beautiful face, although that is hard to miss. She is also a two time Olympic champion and two time world champion bobsledder. Humphries is affiliated with three main causes, the “I’ve Been Bullied” campaign; “Right to Play”, a sports program for underprivileged children and youth; and the Special Olympics.

2. David Beckham – Professional Soccer Player

Probably the most recognizable face on this list, at least to women. Beckham is one of world’s most iconic athletes whose name is also an elite global advertising brand. He was captain of the English national team from 1998 to 2009, scored in three different FIFA World Cups, and played midfield for clubs in Manchester, England, Madrid, Spain, and Milan, Italy.

1. Natasha Kai – Professional Soccer Player

Keeping with the futball theme, Natasha is a professional soccer player for the Sky Blue FC.  She is also an Olympic gold medalist and absolutely beautiful. Kai was also part of the US women’s rugby union sevens team to the first IRB Women’s Sevens Challenge Cup held in Dubai 2011. How do you get more badass than that?