Morning Cup of Crow: Waddle Puts Stephen A in a Body Bag.

Even though he’s a Philly guy, I really dislike Stephen A Smith. He’s a blowhard and tries to win every conversation by simply talking louder and faster than everyone. It’s really easy to win an argument if you never let anyone else speak. That being said, I don’t give a shit about Tom Waddle or Jay Cutler. But, Smith was being a huge dick in this situation. So, Waddle pulled his trump card:

“You know what they say? Tom, you should know, because you actually played.”

Waddle should have dropped the mic and walked off set.

I’m not big on the “guys who actually played the game are better analysts” thing. You don’t have to have played at a high level to understand the game. But, props to Waddle. Way to go.

Also, we clearly know that Stephen A Smith can’t claim he played the game.