Picking Lines with Tom

I recently wrote a few articles about sports betting. I’d like to take it a little further and see how my advice works out. I am going to write a daily synopsis of the NCAA men’s hoops. More specifically, top 25 teams. I’ll give you the lines and my picks. This is where my name is on the line. I can potentially make it easy for Paulie Payday, Eddie and the Producer Cavi to call me out during podcasts. I’ll keep a daily, weekly and yearly stat on how things are going. Here goes nothing!


(16) Purdue (19-5) at Indiana (15-9)                                                                                                        Line: Purdue -2

Purdue is a big team that can shoot. Caleb Swanigan is a 6’9 sophomore than can bang inside and shoots 50% from beyond the arc. With injuries hindering Indiana’s starting lineup, Purdue should pull this out. Indiana will need to shoot the 3-ball well if they have a chance.

Tom’s pick: Purdue -2


(8) North Carolina (21-4) at (18) Duke (18-5)                                                                                       Line: Duke -2

This is an interesting matchup that should offer a lot of points. I wrote an article about the Blue Devils and their struggles a few weeks ago. This game is going to come down to the Tar Heels defense. I think they show up enough tonight to get the win.

Tom’s Pick: Tar Heels +2


(7) Wisconsin (20-3) at Nebraska (10-13)                                                                                               Wisconsin -9

This Cornhusker team is mediocre at best. They have some good wins, but also have a lot of losses to so-so teams. I think Wisconsin gets the win, but fails to cover the spread on the road.

Tom’s Pick: Nebraska +9


(25) SMU (20-4) at Temple (13-11)                                                                                                           SMU -7.5

SMU travels to take on a Temple team that has won 3 of their last 4 games. SMU has been on a run of their own winning it’s last 5 games by an average of 21.8pts. SMU’s defense will slow down any hopes of an Owls upset.

Tom’s Pick: SMU -7.5


(5) Oregon (21-3) at (10) UCLA                                                                                                                   UCLA -4

Oregon has been one of the most talked about teams after the beating they put on Arizona. Unfortunately, the Ducks take on a Bruins team that is one of the highest scoring teams in the country. I think the Bruins are going on a Duck hunt tonight and get this win.

Tom’s Pick: UCLA -4


(1) Gonzaga (24-0) at Loyola Marymount (11-12)                                                                              Gonzaga -17

The number 1 team in the country has one of the biggest point differentials this year. They beat teams on average of 24 points per game. I don’t see the Lions offering anything to decrease that average.

Tom’s Pick: Gonzaga -17


Portland (9-15) at (20) Saint Mary’s (21-2)                                                                                 Saint Mary’s -25

I know Portland is boasting a sub-500 record, but 25 is a lot. Saint Mary’s is shooting over 50% from the field as a team while Portland only shoots 42%. I think Saint Mary’s struggles a little from the field and goes on a few short scoring droughts in this game.

Tom’s Pick: Portland +25