Joseph Randle Assaults Inmate

Gotta respect Joseph Randle understanding the jail game by assaulting an inmate, while also being an inmate.

Joseph Randle, you know, heck of a nice guy, seems to be assimilating nicely into the Kansas jail that for now he calls home. He seems to be learning the truth about despair. He’s learning so well, that he is being charged with aggravated battery and disorderly conduct of a fellow r̶o̶o̶m̶m̶a̶t̶e̶ inmate. These charges are a nice little cherry on top of the slew of other charges the former Cowboys scatback has on his resume, including aggravated battery for hitting 3 people with a car following a housewarming party, interference with a law enforcement officer, criminal damage to property and threatening a deputy in jail.

Jail 101 says that you need to kick someone’s ass or be forced to grab someone else’s pocket. So good move on Randle’s part to take the smart road and give someone the old 1, 2 and not be forced to become an Andy DuFresne. Gotta take care of yourself when you’re on the inside. Randle has a trial on April 17th for all this stuff so I would expect the Cowboys to reach out to Randle’s handlers to see if they can reach a contract so that they could get him into camp this year or in 3-5 years.

PS- I only have a few fears in his world. One is being buried alive for obvious reasons. Being abducted by aliens for even more obvious reason and being put in jail for any amount of time. The idea of not being able to do whatever I want which is going on the internet and eating wings whenever I feel like it scares the life out of me. Can’t imagine living in that world. So I will follow the law, not owe money to any kind of mafia guys and hope to God that aliens chose my next door neighbor instead of me.