BPL Relegation Culture Talk

I went ahead and knocked out the top four table talk, and I got the bright idea to do the same for the teams currently fighting relegation. Although we know the top four is one of the most important aspects of the league, the relegation part of the Premier League is equally as important to the league, mainly for the sheer entertainment and excitement it brings for the league as the bottom three teams are pushed down to the Championship division and the top three from there move up to the Premier League. Awesome stuff to keep up with.

Same rules apply to this one as the top four:

I will use the bottom four teams to make it even to the top four

I will compare the bottom 4 teams to rap/hip-hop albums that have impacted me and how I could relate them to the team for that week.

I will also use a meme representation of the bottom 4 teams and see how they relate to said meme.

And finally, I will use my favorite comedy specials that I’ve seen throughout my life as well as my favorite podcast titles


17. Leicester City- 21 pts


My how the mighty have fallen. Just last years champions, the improbable 5000 to 1 odds couldn’t stop them from greatness. This year they have to try and rekindle the magic they had conjured two years ago when they battled their way out of relegation. With this type of change I only have one true comparison for them, is the wildly popular podcast on Revolt TV “Drink Champs” Right now they are on an all-time championship hangover, and the players are being called out for “Being lazy” and “Not wanting it as bad as last year” The manager Raneri, looks befuddled and exhausted from not knowing how his team did it last year.

18. Hull City- 20 pts


This one is tough because I haven’t watched much of Hull this year, but the two games I’ve seen to date, and the position they’re at on the table, remind me of one of the most infamous memes of last year: The confused Mr. Krabs meme that ran the better half of 2016. They can relate to this because the two games that I saw them, the face Mr. Krabs makes, is the face of every defender who had to look at the ball roll into the back of the net. Their manager Marco Silva, is replacing the king of the confused Mr. Krabs Mike Phelan, who resided in that meme his entire tenure, and by the looks of things he will own that meme all the way back into the Championship.

19. Crystal Palace- 19 pts


This is too easy right here. For years I’ve been saying how overrated Crystal Palace and Alan Pardew was, and this year it has fully come to fruition. Their fate was chosen as the old prophet in Harry Potter states “The album chooses the team Mr. Potter” Maybe it was a little off in the wording, but the album that goes with this debacle of a season is MF Doom’s Operation Doomsday. This critically acclaimed album goes along with this team, for the simple reason of the epic collapse they had toward the end of last year, that continued to hold true well into this year. The material within the album also goes along with this team because of the amount of talent within it, and how their players are really good, but their title, and ultimate title hopes are in complete disarray. Hence the doomsday part of things. 

20. Sunderland- 19 pts


This team has been doing this act since I watched my first ever Premier League match in 2012. I enjoy the entertainment they provide for me every year with their epic bouts with the relegation line. Every year they are within it’s grasps with about 10-12 matches to go, and every year they seem to escape the mighty clutches that could send them back, but just like Jonathan Simmons of the San Antonio Spurs, he just “Can’t go back” (per Bomani Jones). This type of behavior can only remind me of one the more underrated Chris Rock stand up specials Never Scared. They look relegation in the face and bring the pain (see what I did there). It should be fun to see if they can pull off the unimaginable once again.