Does “The Spider” Anderson Silva Have One More Run Left?

Anderson Silva is one of the most decorated mixed martial artists of all-time. In the octagon, his clowning of other world-class athletes was considered a thing of beauty. Fighters would be seen throwing punches at spots Silva vacated seconds earlier. The Spider would not only dominate the middleweight division, but he would slap around a few light heavyweights while waiting for a new middleweight contender to emerge. Unfortunately, I don’t think fans will see anyone dominate fighters like he did in his prime.

Anderson Silva

Silva, 41, is an aging fighter that hasn’t won in almost 2-years. Anderson stepped up and became a company man in his last fight. With only a 2-day notice, Silva would step up and fight a much bigger Daniel Cormier at UFC 200. Cormier decided to take the safe approach and wrestle the much smaller Silva for the majority of the fight. Cormier tried to stand and bang for a short period of time only to get a little taste of The Spider’s power and return to the wrestling. Prior to his bout with Cormier, Silva, in my eyes, was robbed of a victory over current middle-weight champ, Michael Bisping. So what do we do with Silva moving forward?

Anderson Silva

In my opinion, Anderson Silva should get whatever fight he requests. This man was not a diva like some of the current fighters basically dictating who they will fight. Anderson was old school. He had the anywhere, anytime mentality. Recently he said he would love to fight either Connor McGregor or a rematch with Michael “The Count” Bisping. The McGregor fight makes no sense and I think the bigger Silva would dominate the much smaller fighter. I would love to see the rematch with Bisping for 2 reasons. First and foremost, I believe Silva was robbed in the first fight. And secondly, I would love to see Silva win the title and ride off into the sunset as champ!

Anderson Silva

Let me know your thoughts. Who should Anderson fight next and why?