Big Night for the Hokies and Metallica

Go ahead, get some Hokies!

I love a good mosh pit. Always, ALWAYS, have. I’m also a diehard proponent of storming the court. There’s never really a bad time to storm the court/field in my opinion. Win, lose or draw, let’s party. I’m pretty sure my high school football team’s slogan was “win or lose, we still booze.” We generally lost.

Virginia Tech on the other had actually has a reason to get down. Its called beating your in-state rival, in double overtime! I haven’t seen this many Hokies celebrating since Marcus Vick got expelled.

How about Metallica though, having themselves a night. First, an awesome mosh pit by the Virginia Tech to “Enter Sandman.” Then, they perform at the Grammy Award with Lady Gaga. Not that their microphones worked or anything. But, they were up there on stage with Gaga.

Legitimate question here. Who does the Lady Gaga / Metallica collaboration affect more? A. Gaga gains a ton of respect for going so far outside her comfort zone – or – B. Metallica loses any little bit of metal “street cred” they actually had left?

Let me know in the comments below.