Steelers Fan Attempts to fight the Cleveland Dawg Pound

Let me be clear: The only thing worse than a drunk Pittsburgh Steeler fan is any fan of the Cleveland Browns. I grew up in North East PA. It’s a weird part of Pennsylvania that has a mix of Steelers, Giants and Eagles fans. As fan bases go, they’re all pretty obnoxious and I’ve had to deal with that most of my life. #KeepPounding

That being said, I have to give props to this guy. He was ready to take on the entire Dawg Pound armed with nothing more than a terrible towel and his shit talking girlfriend. Fun fact for significant others: the shit talking from behind you boyfriend’s back move makes things worse 100% of the time. Be a calming force.

However, the Steelers fan did have some serious missteps.

  1. Get a new jersey, dude. Bradshaw? Fighters don’t wear Bradshaw jerseys. Your intimidation gauge was on empty.
  2. If you’re going to fight an entire football stadium by yourself, don’t make the “tackle” your go-to move. I’d suggest throwing haymakers, praying and just hoping to get out there alive. What’s the end game if you get that guy to the ground? Get stomped out by the rest of the degenerate Cleveland faithful?
  3. How about the other Steelers fan at the top of the steps not wanting anything to do with this guy? He gave him a little shove like, “dude, you’re making us look bad, just leave.”

What’s the difference between Steelers / Browns fans and the Raider’s Black Hole? About $75,000 a year. The Black Hole is comprised of crazy people, but they’re gainfully employed crazy people.

P.S. I don’t think the security guards should be allowed to wear Browns gear. This guy should sue and claim discrimination.