NFL Week 4 Picks and Over/Unders

Welcome, degenerate PAS-Holes!  We’re back again this week with our NFL Week 4 picks and over/unders.

As we enter week 4, Tommy is in the lead with a record of 15-11. Eddie is in second place with a record of 11-5. Cavi’s pulling up the rear with an abysmal 10-16.

We’re hanging our heads in shame, as none of us brought you much luck last week. If you bet with us last week, you lost money. But, that’s how betting goes. I mean, you might actually have to try to do as bad as Cavi did last week. I mean, 2-12? It’s almost impossible to be that wrong. Almost.

That’s the past though. We pulled a Taylor Swift and shook it off. It’s a new week. Let’s win some money!

NFL Week 4 Picks
NFL Week 4
Season: 10-16
Season: 11-15
Season: 15-11
Panthers at Patriots (-9, 48.5) Patriots / Under Patriots / Over Patriots / Under
Rams at Cowboys (-6, 47.5) Rams / Under Cowboys / Under Cowboys / Under
Jaguars (-3, 39.5) at Jets Jaguars / Under Jets / Under Jaguars / Over
Bengals (-3, 41) at Browns Browns / Under Browns / Under Bengals / Under
Steelers (2.5, 42) at Ravens Steelers / Over Steelers / Over Steelers / Over
Bills at Falcons (-8, 48.5) Falcons / Under Falcons / Under Falcons / Under
Eagles at Chargers (-1, 47.5) Eagles / Under Chargers / Over Chargers / Under
Raiders at Broncos (-3, 47) Raiders / Over Broncos / Under Raiders / Under

Above you’ll find our NFL Week 4 picks and over/unders. It’s also fair to note that we made these decisions based on the Wednesday morning lines and things may change. If you have any additional questions feel free to tweet us: @ProducerCavi, @Eddie_ThePAS or @Tlip_ThePAS.

We hope that this will help the PAS-holes out there that might have a little degenerate gambler in them. We’d also like to remind you that while we consider ourselves “experts,” you’re not guaranteed to win anything. Gamble at your own risk. Also, if you’re going to gamble, do it legally and responsibly. If you’ve got a problem, call 1-800-Gambler.