Fantasy Football Week 1 Do’s and Don’ts

Thursday night’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots marks the beginning of thhe 2017 NFL season. Even more importantly, it kicks off fantasy football. Check out my do’s and don’ts for fantasy football’s most anticipated week of the season.

Fantasy Football Week 1 Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Research!

  • Read up on each of your players. Make sure starters in your lineup with lingering injuries are definitely scheduled to play week 1.

Don’t: Projections/Rankings

  • Do not start a player solely based on projected stats or where a so-called “expert” like Matthew Berry has them ranked at their position this week. Just because Yahoo, ESPN, etc. project a player to have X amount of points week 1, doesn’t make that player a definite start in your lineup.

Do: Flexin’

  • Your flex play is likely going to be your team’s RB3-4 or WR3-5. This player can make or break your week. Look at matchups when choosing your flex start week 1, and future weeks for that matter. A win may depend on it.

Don’t: Rookies

  • Several rookie running backs were drafted early (within the first 5 rounds). These players should not be automatic starts week 1. There is a good chance the rookie is on a running back by committee (RBBC) team. Don’t be afraid to start a veteran week 1 to see how many snaps or touches your rookie back gets. After week 1, you will likely have a better gauge for week 2. If you are satisfied with the opportunities your rookie was given, go ahead and start him next week.

Do: Studs

  • Simple…start your studs.

Don’t: Hurricane Irma

  • The Miami Dolphins vs. Tampa Bay Bucs game has been postponed week 1 and will be played week 11. DO NOT start any player on either team this week. You don’t want to be “that guy (or girl)” in your league.

Do: Get an Advantage!

Don’t: Thinking too much

  • Overthinking can ruin your team’s chances. There’s a strong likelihood your initial lineup is your best lineup. Don’t tinker too much. Try not to make bold starts. It may work out every now and then, but more often than not, your team will suffer from it.

Do: WIN!

  • There’s no better feeling than starting the fantasy season off 1-0. Get that first W on the board and stroll into week 2 with a cig in your mouth, carrying luggage, and your confidence level booming.