College Football Week 5 Picks

Can you believe it’s the fifth week of college football already? I can’t. Most notably because it’s 90-fucking-degrees outside. I like fall weather. That’s the reason I live in Pennsylvania and not Florida. Pull your shit together, Mother Nature. Anyway, we’re here to help all you degenerates with our College Football Week 5 Picks.

We’re all in still sitting in decent positions at this point in the season. Eddie has pulled out to a slight lead after last week and is sitting on a 10-3 record, while Tommy and I are both at a respectable 8-5.

Saddle up and get your bankrolls ready. Ed had the hot hand last week. The dude went 7-1! Tommy and I on the other hand posted a pair of 4-4 records. But, if you’re betting with any of our strategies, you’re still alright. You might have lost a few vigs, which nothing to worry about. That’s just the cost of doing business.

College Football Week 5 Picks
Week 5 Picks
Season: 8-5
Season: 10-3
Season: 8-5
Clemson vs. Virginia Tech (+7.5) Clemson Clemson Clemson
USC vs. Washington State (+3.5) USC Washington State USC
Auburn vs. Mississippi State (+8.5) Miss. State Auburn Miss. State
Penn State (-18) vs. Indiana Penn State Penn State Indiana
Notre Dame vs. Miami (Ohio) (+21) Notre Dame Miami OH Notre Dame
Houston vs. Temple (+13.5) Temple Houston Houston
Alabama vs. Ole Miss (+28) Alabama Alabama Alabama
Georgia vs Tennessee (+7.5) Georgia Tennessee Georgia

We made these picks based on the Wednesday morning point spreads. These may change. If you have any additional questions, tweet us: @ProducerCavi, @Eddie_ThePAS and @Tlip_ThePAS.

This is the part where we remind you that none of our picks are guaranteed to win you money. It’s also the place where we remind you that if you’re gambling to do it legally in Vegas or at one of the legal websites online. Also, if you have a problem call 1-800-Gambler.