Will the 2017 Jets have the worst offense in NFL history?

Will the 2017 New York Jets have the WORST offense in NFL History? Let’s explore the all too likely possibility in today’s blog. I hope this is a preemptive reality check for Jets fans and a precautionary warning to Fantasy Football players with drafts are on the horizon.

The Jets Receiving Corp

With the loss of Quincy Enuwa, the rest of the Jets’ options are abysmal.

  • Robby Anderson
  • Deshon Foxx
  • Frankie Hammond
  • Chad Hansen
  • Chris Harper
  • Gabe Marks
  • Jalin Marshall
  • Charone Peake
  • ArDarius Stewart
  • Lucky Whitehead (still innocent)
  • Myles White
  • Marquess Wilson

I can’t event muster any words to talk about these guys. They exist. That’s all I’ve got.

It’s a sad state of affairs for the Jets, when Robby Anderson is your #1 receiver. If you’re a fan, you should just chalk this season up to an L and actually hope that your favorite team finishes in last place. This should also be a lesson to any NFL that wants to stack a roster with mildly successful veterans. That move will always catch up to you and bite you in the ass, if you’re not developing young talent.


The Jets Quarterback Situation

On this week’s podcast, none of us had any clue who the Jets’ quarterback was. That’s saying something. Three guys who live, breath and sleep football, couldn’t fathom who was playing quarterback for the New York Jets. How did that happen, you ask? Well, take a look at their stellar depth chart…

  • Josh McCown
  • Christian Hackenberg
  • Bryce Petty

The Jets quarterback depth chart is comprised of three guys that most teams wouldn’t want as their backups.

P.S. Can someone please give Kaep a call?

If you’d like to hear us have no idea who the quarterback for the Jets is, listen to our podcast below. Ever hear three guys be completely baffled? No? You will.

Good New For the Running Backs?

The running game in New York is falling in line with the rest of the squad.

  • Matt Forte
  • Bilal Powell
  • Elijah McGuire

Matt Forte and Bilal Powell both currently have the questionable tag on them, as they work through nagging injuries. Forte is also almost 32 years old and the only reason he’s still on the team is because he’s owed $4 million. Bilal Powell has some promise, but he needs to stay healthy and it would be nice if he had an offensive line to run behind. As for Elijah McGuire… Who the hell is Elijah McGuire? Oh, he’s a running back from Louisiana–Lafayette. Sweet.

The Jets Tight Ends

Here’s the Jets tight end depth chart. I wouldn’t touch these guys with a 10-foot-pole.

  • Austin Serferian-Jenkins
  • Eric Tomlinson
  • Jordan Leggett

Serferian-Jenkins could be the shining start of this entire offense, unless he decides to fight with his coaches again.

What does this all mean?

In 1992, the Seahawks had the worst all-time offensive DVOA at minues-65.3 %. Their quarterbacks that season were Stan Gelbaugh, Kelly Stouffer and Dan McGwire (Mark’s brother). That’s a sad quarterback depth chart, but I’d venture to say that the Jet’s might just be worse.

Here’s to a record breaking season. Cheers!

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