Tim Tebow Turns 30 Today Let the Real Miracles Begins (Like Jesus)

Tim Tebow turns 30 years old today. As we all know, Tebow is a big fan of Jesus and has performed a few minor miracles of his own. Now that he’s 30, it’s very likely that the real magic is going to start. Jesus didn’t start his ministry until he was 30 years old. That’s when he started turning water into win. So, if scripture is any indication, this should be a big year for Tim Tebow. Year 30 seems to be a prime miracle year.

Tim Tebow prayed a guy having a seizure back to life

ABC:As Tebow stayed to do post-game interviews and sign autographs for fans, he was made aware of a man who had fallen sick in the stands. Brandon Berry, who was in the front row, dropped to the ground as his mouth began to foam and his body convulsed in what was later determined to be a seizure.”

Tim Tebow prayed a guy on an airplane having a heart attack back to life

ABC: “A midair medical emergency took a plane full of passengers by surprise when one man collapsed of an apparent heart attack. But the surprises were just beginning. When passengers and crew rushed to help, a familiar face was among them: NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. Tebow moved toward the unconscious man and his family, then led a group of passengers in prayer, according to passenger Richard Gotti. Medical workers met the flight at the gate when it landed at its destination in Phoenix. The man survived.”

Beating the Pittsburg Steelers in the Playoffs

I think this clip speaks for itself.

Shakes Autistic Kids Hands and Immediately Hits a Home Run for Him

SI.com: “As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, a young fan named Seth Bosch, who has high-functioning autism, wanted to say hi to the Mets minor leaguer while he was in the on-deck circle awaiting his at-bat. Bosch made his way down to the railing and made his presence known to the former NFL quarterback. Tebow didn’t ignore the kid or “focus” on his upcoming plate appearance. He walked over to Bosch and shook his hand. That brought the young man to tears, but the special moment did not end there. Tebow then homered.”

That was just the first 30 years!

Now, Tebow’s in his prime miracle having years. In year 30 Jesus starting turning water into wine. Who knows what Tim Tebow has in store for us.