Rasheed Wallace: “I know for a fact he [Zach Randolph] ain’t no dope dealer.”

Thank you, Rasheed Wallace. This is what I have said from the beginning. There’s no way that Zach Randolph was slinging dope. He just apparently REALLY likes to party. He might just be BIG weed guy. When you have more money, you buy more weed. That’s all. It’s really just simple economics if you take the time to think about it.

Z-Bo has no need to be selling pot in a state of California, where pot can be legally obtained. I mean, He also probably doesn’t need to have two pounds of weed on his person. I think we can all admit that. He definitely doesn’t need to try to run in saggy pants with two pounds of weed either.

Hey, you live and you learn. I’m sure Z-Bo took a valuable lesson away from this encounter. Like, let one of your non-professional athlete friends carry your two bricks of marijuana for you.

Listen, if Rasheed Wallace has taught me anything in life it’s that ‘Ball don’t lie’ and Rasheed Wallace don’t lie either.

TMZ: Rasheed Wallace says he knows “for a fact” Zach Randolph is no drug dealer — despite getting busted with more t0han 2 pounds of weed … telling TMZ Sports Z-Bo just knows how to throw a party.

We spoke with Sheed about the NBA star’s recent L.A. arrest for possession of marijuana with intent to sell … and Wallace laughed off any notion that Randolph was trying to slang.

“It seems to be — no matter who you are — the bigger the paycheck, the bigger the party,” Sheed says.

“I know for a fact he ain’t no dope dealer.”

Wallace adds a personal message for Z-Bo … telling him to keep his head up and ball out this season.”