I need 6 ft. 280 lb. Boom Boom Benson in the NFL

The Philadelphia Soul are about to begin their playoff series against the Baltimore Brigade. As soon as that’s over, I need their fullback, the 6’0 280 lb. phenom, Mykel Boom Boom Benson, in the NFL. This needs to happen immediately, if not sooner. I also need him moved to tailback so that he’s on the field as much as possible. The big man has got NFL quality speed, moves and agility. He’s a HIGHLIGHT MACHINE!

I think it’s safe to say that The Point After SHow is cheering for the Philly Soul over here. Tommy’s a big Bon Jovi guy. The Soul just finished a 13-1 regular season by stomping out Tampa Bay 41-28 in “South, South Philly” ya’ll!

I should be publicly known that I’m 145% onboard the Boom Boom Banson train. I need a Jersey. I need a poster. I need an interview. Someone get me Boom Boom. We need to be best friends and he needs to be in the NFL, preferably on the Carolina Panthers. McCaffery and Boom Boom, what a 1-2 punch that would be!

Hey Philadelphia Eagles… You made an amazing move to unload Jordan Matthews today? That’s all well and good. How about you make your next franchise move and sign Boom Boom Benson? Immediately, if not sooner. How do you let this talent live right under your nose and do nothing about it.


Do you think that Boom Boom Benson is simply a power back? Think again. This guy can take it outside the tackles too!