Art Briles hired and fired in one day

Nope. Sorry, Art Briles. You don’t get to completely fucking drop the ball on a sexual assault scandal, move to Canada and start over. That’s not how the world works. Our neighbors to the North hate rape (and alleged rape enablers) as much as we do.

Do not pass go. Do not collect $100. Do not report to the Tiger-cats training camp.

Go home, Art Briles. Go home.

The Globe and Mail: “After a single day of condemnation on many fronts, Art Briles, a former Baylor University head coach who was fired in the wake of a sexual assault scandal, will not take up a position with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Earlier Monday, the Ticats said in a release that Mr. Briles would be joining the club as an assistant coach.

But by late Monday night, the Canadian Football League and the Ticats said in a statement: “Art Briles will no longer be joining the Hamilton Tiger-Cats as a coach. We came to this decision this evening following a lengthy discussion between the league and the Hamilton organization. We wish Mr. Briles all the best in his future endeavours.”