Will Jared Goff be the worst NFL QB in 2017?

Jared Goff was statistically one of the NFL’s worst quarterbacks in 2016. According to ESPN’s FPI rankings the Rams are predicted to at the bottom of the barrel again in 2017. Backup quarterbacks such as Scott Tolkien, Chad Henne and Bryce Petty are actually ranked higher than Jared Goff.

That being said, I wouldn’t draft Jared Goff as my starting Fantasy Football quarterback this year. But, I might pick him up in a late round in a Dynasty League and stash him. Let’s remember that the Cal product is only entering his second year as a pro and to say that the Rams are “rebuilding” would be an understatement. If you’re a Rams fan, you have to believe there’s a reason the team moved up 14 spots to draft Goff at the No. 1 spot. That or… you drink to forget it. You’re also wondering how they left Caron Wentz on the able.

Los Angeles brought in a new coaching staff and that is headed up by the offensive wizard, Sean McVay. So at the very least, Goff should will be part of a high powered offense. The question is, can he turn the reps into positive production? The Rams have also made moves to sure up the offensive line. It’s yet to be seen if those moves will pay off those.

I do like the addition of Robert Woods to this offense. He’s a great receiver that seems to fly under the radar. He’s not a big mouth and he doesn’t get a ton of press. But, he’s solid. This something that Paul and I actually agree on.

Tavon Austin is also a GREAT receiver. I hope that Goff can get his stuff together and that Austin’s prime years aren’t wasted with a sub-par quarterback throwing to him.

The Rams just have to hope that Jared Goff has an improved sophomore season.