Kyle Lowry gets $100 mil from Toronto

The last big-name point guard in the 2017 free agent pool has signed a max-contract deal. Kyle Lowry has agreed to return to the Toronto Raptors for a 3-year, $100 million deal. Not a bad deal for a 31 year old, who probably just signed his last long term deal. Now, if you’re an NBA team looking for a point guard, you better put all your eggs in the George Hill basket. Other than Hill, the last super-star level talent available is Derrick Rose and he’s a gamble, to say the least. “Kyle Lowry has reached an agreement on a contract to return to the Toronto Raptors, reportedly for three years and $100 million, per Woj. Lowry was probably the biggest fish left in the free agent point guard pool, but a diminishing number of potential starting spots made it increasingly likely that Lowry would be returning to the Raptors, and for something less than the veteran maximum.

The years on this are interesting: Lowry’s gets over the $30 million per year benchmark, but at 31 years old, this is almost certainly the last near-max contract he’ll sign in the NBA, and it only takes him until his year-34 season. That can probably also serve as an indicator of Masai Ujiri’s sense of the timeline of this current Raptors core.”

Kyle Lowry, he’ll be alright.