Fantasy Football Trivia Question Of The Day #7

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Fantasy Football Trivia

Playing fantasy football trivia can really help increase your fantasy football IQ. Drop a little fact nugget on a league mate and make them feel real stupid when you have a player conversation.

Here are 5 facts about a fantasy player and its your job to figure out who we are talking about. We will do this every day from now until the beginning of the NFL season as something fun.  Please post your guess in the comments section below the article. Do not use Google or cheat. See how smart you are to fantasy football and just maybe you will be surprised.  I will reveal the answer the following day during the next trivia question.

Yesterday’s Trivia Answer: Kyle Rudolph

5 Facts: Who Am I?


# 1:  Last year I averaged 88.5 scrimmage yards per game and 4.6 yards per rush


# 2:  I am not a durable as my owners would like. I missed 14 of 48 games in my career

# 3:  I never rushed for 1000 yards or more than 6 touchdowns in a single season

#4:  I am currently being drafted in the 3rd round as the 16th running back off the board


#5:  In 8 away games last year I averaged 9.9 FPPG. In the 5 homes games I averaged 17.9

Hope you liked this fantasy football trivia game, if you did check back tomorrow for the answer and another trivia question. Please leave your answer below in the comments.


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