Chris Christie delivers a public scolding at a Cubs’ game

It’s official, Chris Christie has extremely thin skin. I’m sorry, but if you nested inside Trump’s ass for 6 months, only to be found too incompetent to be part of his organization, you deserve to be heckled in public. Think about that. Chris Christie wasn’t deemed fit to take part in the circus that is the White House. You’ve got the Italian Stallion “Mooch” out here saying that Steve Bannon tries to suck his own c*ck in interviews, but when it came to Chris Christie, the President was like… “Naw, I’ll pass.”

Any way, what does Christie expect? He should expect to get heckled every time he leaves his house. He shut down a public beach and proceeded used it as a private beach for his family. Christie also basically (allegedly) killed a guy by shutting down a bridge. He follows Bruce Springsteen around like a lost puppy when Bruce has expressed multiple times that he has his guts.

Chris Christie to cubs fan: “You wanna act like a big shot?!”

Go back to New Jersey, Chris. Also, check out the iron grip he’s got on those nachos.

Those are tough words coming from a guy who has a secret service attachment with him. Had the cubs fan made the slightest aggressive move, he’d liekly be dead or in jail right now. It’s easy to talk a big game and be a tough guy when you know there’s absolutely zero repercussions.

Hey Cubs fans, I bet you Christie put ketchup on his hot dog too.

As you can imagine, Twitter went wild…