Bones MacKay is now a Golf Channel Reporter

Well, well, well. The split between Phil Mickelson and Bones Mackay makes a little more sense now. Doesn’t it? Mackay’s just out here inking multi-year deals with the Golf Channel as an on-course analyst. That’s big boy money. Not that being the caddie of one of the greatest golfers ever, isn’t big boy money. But, this provides Bones with stability and will be way less grueling on his body. He just locked down a sure thing for years to come. He’s also in the spotlight now. No more living in Phil’s shadow. Good for him.

When it was released that break up was “mutual,” I knew that there was more to the story. No breakup is ever truly a “mutual” one. Someone is always scorned or moving on for something better. Phil and Bones are no different than any other couple. There was either tension in the relationship over money or someone was tempted by something they found more appealing. In this case, maybe it was both.

Or… Bones just has a set of knees that are shot. He did just have them both removed. “After 25 years on the bag, Jim Bones Mackay is ready to pick up a microphone.

Weeks after announcing his mutual split from Phil Mickelson, Mackay has signed a multi-year deal to become an on-course reporter for Golf Channel and NBC Sports. His first assignment will be covering The Open at Royal Birkdale.

“During my years as a caddie, I had the opportunity to watch Tommy Roy work his magic in the production truck, and walk the fairways with Notah Begay, Roger Maltbie and Mark Rolfing,” Mackay said. “To join them and be a part of the coverage of some of golf’s biggest events – starting with The Open – is an opportunity I’m grateful for, and I’m eager to add my take to help illustrate the strategic decisions golfers face inside the ropes.”

Bones Mackay… sports reporter.