So, Steph Curry is a Pro Golfer Now

Steph Curry will compete in at the PGA Tour event this August. So, technically, he’s a professional golfer now. Two sport athlete bitches. He can put that in his yearbook and gets an extra stripe on his letterman jacket.

Now to address outrage in the room. Yes, there are a ton of more qualified and deserving people that would kill for this sport. Those people are allowed to be pissed and only those people. If you are a professional, semi-pro or amateur golfer that was passed over or doesn’t make the cut because of Steph Curry, you are allowed to be missed. The average golf fan and internet crusader is not allowed to.

Chill the hell out, Lee McCoy. There’s a few reason you have no right (unless you were personally passed over) to be pissed about this move.

  1. Because, you’re likely an adult and it affects your life in no way.
  2. He’s receiving a sponsors exemption. If there were no sponsors, there would be no professional golf. So, they can kind of do whatever the hell they want to.
  3. He’s playing for charity. That’s right, this is a charity move. Go ahead, be the guy who hates charity. It’s not a good look.

So, buckle up and watch Steph Curry, an average golfer, compete against professionals.

For the win…

Have fun, Steph Curry. Let the haters hate.