Mr. Met flips fans the bird, Aggressive move

Well, someone just lost their job, and his name is… well, we don’t know his real name. But, the guy in the Mr. Met costume is surely in the unemployment line this morning. This video is extremely hot in the internet streets right now. My entire news feed this morning was gifs of the salty Mr. Met. I have some friends that work in the minor league baseball system and I know they’ve had to dress up in the mascot costume before. They way they described it, if there wasn’t an intern at their disposal, they had to take turns in the costume. I’m hoping this was some asshole college intern and not like a low level marketing executive, who got caught up in the moment and is now going to lose his job over this.

Fun fact: upon further examination, Mr. Met only has 4 fingers, therefore he TECHNICALLY doesn’t even have a middle finger.

Yahoo Sports: “Just when you thought the Mets season couldn’t get any weirder or go any lower, beloved mascot Mr. Met went rogue following Wednesday’s 7-1 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers.

As shown in the fan video below, the man portraying Mr Met was caught flipping the middle finger at fans while still in costume as he exited down a Citi Field tunnel.”

Update: The Associated Press is reporting that the guy in the costume will never be allowed to wear it again and has been “designated for reassignment.” So, that’s better than being unemployed.

At the end of the day, maybe Mr. Met is just a true Mets fan. A 23-28 season must be hard for a fanbase that was hopeful for a World Series run at the beginning of the season.

The Mets organization has issued an apology for the situation.

You do you, Mr. Met.

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