Someone tell Mike Schmidt he sounds like a bigot

During an interview today, Philadelphia Phillies’ legend, Mike Schmidt was asked if Odubel Herrera was a guy that the Phillies could build their team around. Should we sum up his response? ‘Ole Schmidty basically said: “No, because he doesn’t speak English.”


*Awkwardly looks around the room for the nearest exit*

Jesus Christ, Mike Schmidt, it’s 2017. You can’t say shit like that. Not that you ever should have. But, try to stay just a little bit woke on the fact that you shouldn’t be a bigot. At the very least, keep your mouth shut about you aberrant thoughts during public pressers. To think, some of our Dads probably looked up to you. SMH. If Mike’s reading this, that means “shaking my head.”

Now, it should be noted that Odubel Herrera was an all-star last year. It should also be noted that he is likely learning English everyday. I doubt the guy just sits on an island, not communicating with anyone.

Also, Hideki Matsui and David Ortiz. ‘Nuff said.

CBS Philly: “My honest answer to that would be no because of a couple of things,.” Schmidt said. “First of all, it’s a language barrier. Because of that, I think he can’t be a guy that would sort of sit in a circle with four, five American players and talk about the game. Or try and learn about the game or discuss the inner workings of the game. Or come over to a guy and say, ‘Man, you gotta run that ball out.’ Just can’t be — because of the language barrier — that kind of a player.”

Get with the times, Mike Schmidt.

There are always two sides to every story…