Do I love or hate the Bieber Jersey Game?

I’m kind of stuck here. I LOVE a good sports jersey. But, I have to wonder what’s going on with Bieber’s schizophrenic jersey game? I’ve never been able to bring myself to wear a jersey just for style points. I once bought a sweet vintage Nolan Ryan Astros baseball jersey and sold it a week later. I couldn’t even put it on my body without feeling dirty. I’m more of a football jersey guy too, I’ve never owned a hockey sweater. Maybe things are different when it comes to sweaters. They sure as hell look sweeter. But, I’ve never had a hockey team, so I don’t own one.

Basically, if it’s not officially licensed Notre Dame (football), Carolina Panthers or UConn (basketball) apparel it doesn’t go on my body.

So, I understand when sports guys see the Biebs in various jerseys, they take issue with it. Well, thankfully, Justin Bieber explained today that he really doesn’t have a favorite team and he doesn’t really know how sports work.

I’m either 100% percent in love with that answer or I completely despise it. I’m like, teetering on edge. It’s such a fine line.

I’m going to toss it out to you to decide.

What do you think of the Bieber jersey/sweater game?

Those delightful kiss face emojis won’t save you from the angry twitter mob, Justin.