John Daly has advice for Tiger Woods

John Daly has some advice for Tiger Woods, “Get back on the golf course, man. This stuff will pass. It always does. Hey, it proves he’s human, he’s one of us, baby. I love him.” Classic Daly: simple, poignant and to the point.

I love it. It’s almost poetic for John Daly to be giving Tiger Woods advice. It was nice of him to fit this in, between sips of the two gallons of chocolate milk he drinks a day. Then again, Daly does have a more recent tournament win than Tiger does. So, I guess he’s still riding that wave.

A notable update to our last Tiger Woods blog; he actually blew a 0.00 during the breath test, although he did fail a number of field sobriety tests. He told police he was taking multiple prescription medications, according to ESPN. The dash cam footage of Tiger’s DUI stop is floating around the internet everywhere, but it’s actually kind of sad to watch, so we didn’t bother posting it.

TMZ: “John Daly still supports Tiger Woods in a big way — and says the best way to hush critics after his DUI arrest is to get back on the golf course. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Daly — who’s famously battled alcohol issues in the past — and John dished out some sincere advice to Tiger when it comes to avoiding DUIs in the future. 

Daly points out that he’s never been arrested for DUI himself — but understands how people under the influence of booze or Rx pills can make the mistakes that can lead to trouble.”

This John Daly and Tiger Woods story seems interesting now….

USA  “It was during the 2004 Target World Challenge and Daly had just completed the Wednesday pro-am with some friends and was in the clubhouse drinking and telling stories when Tiger Woods walked into the room.

“Tiger’s there in his workout clothes and I said, ‘Tiger come have a beer with us, man,’” Daly recalls.

Woods declined, explaining that he was bound for the gym and one of his ubiquitous workout sessions. Daly persisted, “I go, ‘Man, you don’t need to work out. You need to drink a little bit with us.’”

Woods’ answer is the stuff of legend.

“He said, ‘If I had your talent I’d be doing the same thing you’re doing,’” Daly says. “I’m looking at him thinking ‘you’re crazy, man.’”