Jim Boeheim calls out Phil Jackson’s Triangle Offense

Look at ‘ole Jim Boeheim throwing Phil Jackson and more notably the “triangle offense” under the bus. “It doesn’t work without Jordan or Kobe,” he said. I’m not sure that more true words have ever been spoken. That being said; what’s Jimbo’s angle here? Could this be his way of casually sliding into the Knicks’ metaphorical DMs like, “I’d make a great NBA coach and I wouldn’t run the triangle.”

I mean, he’s a New York guy and he’s a Carmelo Anthony guy, clearly. He discovered and created the kid. So, if New York is trying to keep Melo around, Boeheim might be their guy.

Could you image that? Boeheim and Carmelo Anthony reuniting. Listen, lets get Gerry Mcnamara a Knicks’ jersey and see some god damn fireworks.

ESPN – “Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim wants Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks star who led the Orange to a national title in 2003, to find a good situation this offseason, preferably in New York.

He is certain that Anthony — and every player on the Knicks roster — will struggle in the triangle offense, former team president Phil Jackson’s trademarked attack, because it’s a poor arrangement.

“The triangle is the worst offense ever, unless you have Michael [Jordan] or Kobe [Bryant],” Boeheim told ESPN, referencing the 11 NBA titles Jackson won with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers while employing the system.”

Jim Boeheim, Knicks’ next head coach.

You heard it here first.

“I’m Melo, he Mcnamara”