Golden State – Another Genital Shot, Zaza Pachulia

Another year and another player from the Golden State Warriors is taking shots at the genitals of a Cleveland Cavaliers’ player. Zaza Pachulia took a swipe at Iman Shumpert’s no-no-zone during Game 4. To be fair,  Pachulia first shoved Shumpert and then, while scrapping for the loose ball, he proceeded to take  a swipe at his privates.

Don’t call it a comeback? Is this the Cleveland Cavaliers’ new MO? Last year, after Green was suspended for grazing the crotch area of LeBron James’ shorts, the Cleveland Cavaliers took over the series. Is this what the Cav’s needed to get them going in the NBA Finals? A literal punch in the dick? There has to be a better way.

To the referee’s credit, Pachouli did receive a technical foul for the strike, during Game 4. But, fortunately/unfortunately for the Golden State Warriors, the NBA has decided that no further discipline is required. That being said, it wouldn’t have made much difference to the Golden State Warriors if Pachulia got suspended. It might have been a blessing in disguise. He’s not playing a crazy amount of minutes anyway and the Warriors stat line looks much better while he’s on the bench.

So, maybe LeBron and the Cavs are getting the best of both worlds. They got the punch in the balls they needed AND the player who did it can continue to negatively affect their opponent when he’s not he court.

Pachulia… Guy Book, page 1. Don’t punch people in the nuts.