The Challenge Champs Vs Pros Episode 5 – Champs Dominate

The Challenge Champs Vs Pros Episode 5 begins with a few touching moments of Lolo Jones trying to humanize herself. It’s not working, she’s already painted herself as… the worst. This week, we jump right into the action. With the worst host in television history, Victor Cruz leading the way.

P.S. TJ Lavin must be sitting on his couch and laughing his ass off every time Cruz speaks. TJ sounds like a Shakespearean poet in comparison to this guy.

The Challenge Champs Vs Pros Episode 5 Competition

CT and Cara Maria are named the Champs’ captains, while Lolo and Louie take on the captain role for the pros.

This week’s challenge is endurance based. The girls are strapped to each other’s backs and must pull their opponents past a line in the sand. The Champs’ girls never, ever stood a chance at this one. The pro girls all have legs like tree trunks.

The guys’ match-up was more evenly matched. But, the x-factor was Kam in this. As a professional football player, the guy has done drills and trained like this his entire life. But, CT’s always been strong and he’s got a big dad bod now. With 10 minutes left, the champs dug in. Kam decided to start launching himself forward for a last ditch effort. But, the Champs weight is too much for the pros and the good guys pull out the W.

Because it’s a tie, the team captains need to face off head-to-head. Lolo is frustrated and complaining. Go figure.

As expected, Ct and Cara Maria dominate Lolo and Louie.

Lolo: “I’m in good spirits, but this is the story of my life. So close, just to have it pulled away.” Jesus, just shut up.

The Challenge Champs Vs Pros Episode 5 Elimination

Louie and Lolo automatically get sent into the elimination, because they were team captains and lost.

Plot twist!

The Champs have to face-off against the Pros in the elimination this week. Cara Maria picks Ashley and her new fake boobs to take on Lolo. Ashley promptly throws a temper tantrum and quits. Classic Ashley move.

Wes volunteers for elimination. Which is good for CT, because he and Darrell are going to be on the Challenge 30 together. Louie and Wes are evenly matched from a physical standpoint.

Louie starts out hot and is cruising through the the rope challenge. Wes, on the other hand goes with the slow and steady method, and ends up pulling out the upset.

Eliminated: Louie the snowboard guy.

As much as I hate her, Lolo is a freak athlete and dominates Ashley.

Eliminated: Ashley (and he new boobs)